Our Dogs

We rescue an average of 600 dogs a year from the Merseyside region who have been abandoned. Each dog upon arriving at the Home is assessed by a team of animal behaviourists. Dogs that display an aptitude for ‘Super hero’ work, exhibit qualities that include a temperament of:

  • Sociability
  • Calmness
  • Self-control
  • Intelligence and aptitude for command training
  • Comfortable being petted
  • Patience

Dogs that qualify to be taken into the Super Dog programme for additional training; and are then allocated to one of the three core areas of Super Hero work with:

  1. Adults & Young People,
  2. Children and
  3. The Elderly.

The Super Dogs below have been chosen from all the dogs that arrive at Merseyside Dogs Home, lost abandoned and uncared for. They have been triage for their needs, what help they need the most is prioritised but at the same time we are looking for dogs with certain attributes, super powers that will make them the best dogs to provide intervention with people. If you can help to support a Superdog, please do so here.

Superdog Merlin Jan 18

Superdog Bear March 18

Mushy Pees

Superdog Mushy Peas May 18

Superdog Grr-ilo Pad July 18

Superdog Cheeka Sept 18