Bark n Read

Our Super-Dogs currently visit three schools in Merseyside to deliver the ‘Bark n Read’ programme; improving the literacy and confidence of over 300 pupils. We have also sponsored and trained rescue dog Alfie to become a permanent member of staff at a Primary School in Knowsley. Alfie conducts the Bark n Read programme & also provides a therapeutic service to students and staff during difficult periods.

Reading to dogs has proven to assist the learning potential, language development, concentration and confidence of children – establishing a vital foundation on which children can build on their life-long learning ability and interest.

Paula Price, Head of Year at St Patricks Primary School has, in a recent report said,

“We see Bark n Read as part of our reading strategy and the children who have taken part have all made progress. There are social and emotional benefits to Bark & Read. Some of the children lack confidence in reading and the presence of the dog reduces their anxieties. Some of the children are reluctant readers and the presence of the dog makes the reading experience more enjoyable and therefore they read for longer. Although some of the children had been nervous of dogs initially, they have grown in confidence in a safe environment. All of the children have enjoyed the experience and described it as calm and fun.  

The children have really benefited from the calming, therapeutic nature of the activity. Another important aspect is helping to develop empathy and compassion. Being around the dogs has made the children think about the needs and comfort of the dogs, which is a valuable lesson and also a transferable skill in relation to human relationships and friendships.”