Pat and Play Visits

Many elderly people moving into residential care homes may have had to give up their own pets which can be a terrible wrench along with their loss of independence and possible declining health. Super Dogs visiting care homes for ‘Pet & Play’ sessions, have been a source of much happiness and a very welcome therapy intervention.

The Super Dogs currently visit two local care homes twice a week in Merseyside, but the demand for their visits is so high that we currently cannot meet the need with our existing resources. The Care Homes we work with have seen such a vast improvement in their residents since the visits began; especially amongst those suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Many people living with dementia have difficulty communicating and as a result they can easily get frustrated. Pets communicate on a deeper level that those living with the form of a dementia can understand and appreciate. Our Super Dogs help lessen symptoms of depression & anxiety, reduce boredom and provide a welcome distraction from their daily routine.

Elizabeth a resident at Sedgemoor Care home has had dogs all her life and now finds a gap said,

“I look forward to seeing the Super Dogs and hearing their individual stories’ I especially like touching them and feeling their warm hearts.”

Joan who is the nursing supervisor for the home said,

“This is a great scheme, not only for those missing a dog in their life but also everyone in the home, it helps us to get residents active into a routine, giving them some purpose.”