Paws for Life

Paws for Life is the corner stone of our Animal Assisted Education programme. The ten week course in Canine Management results in a recognised education qualification approved by ASDAN. And it earns participants three learning credits on completion that can be used for further study in a variety of fields.

Paws for Life is a course that is delivered with Super Dogs and is focussed on charting and training rescue dogs at Merseyside Dogs Home. It restores rescue dogs to full physical and mental fitness and be ready for re-homing. The similarities of the journey of the rescue dog and those of the participants on the programme is significant.

It is a positive programme with a tangible outcome. Students feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction as a result of helping a rescue dog make a successful recovery and find a loving home.

We deliver the course in a flexible environment, in either a team setting or one to one. Participants improve their own physical and mental wellbeing, integrate with their community and build lasting friendships.