Walk n Talk

The Walk & Talk programme is a simple but effective animal intervention programme. It is a service that has evolved as a result of the Super Dogs working with a charity that focuses on helping the homeless.

We visit homeless shelters weekly to meet with individuals and go for a walk in the local park. Any dog owner can attest to the social benefits of walking their dog. People tend to stop and talk and smile at you and your dog. And while we may take these simple interactions for granted, it can make a deep difference to others. Notably for someone who has been living on the streets and who has potentially been avoided and generally ‘unseen’ by the public. This interaction with the community is therefore literally good for their soul.

Naturally our Super Dogs are a good looking bunch and draw people to them with their abundant charm. With their non-judgemental and compassionate natures, they therefore make for perfect companions for the participants on the programme.

Walking in the park in itself provides fresh air, exercise enhances the happy brain chemicals thereby reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  The participants on the Walk and Talk programme find it easier to talk during these sessions about their challenges and concerns. We usually end the sessions with a cup of tea in the park cafe, and again just being in the community enhances participants well-being and sense of belonging.