Super Dogs

With stringent assessment criteria – approximately only twenty dogs a year who arrive at Merseyside Dogs Home make Super Dog status. Our Super Dogs are chosen for their super-powers, it is important that they exhibit the right attributes, such as:

  • A high level of friendliness.
  • Are kinesthetic Learners.
  • Have a high level of self control.

The welfare of the dog is important when delivering our programmes as the health of the dog and the health of the participant are intertwined. We ensure that our dogs are assessed and trained by our highly experienced animal behaviourists who monitor the dogs during their Super Dog work; so that we can manage their own mental health and wellbeing; especially when they are working in highly charged emotional scenarios for any length of time. Our Super Dogs respond well to the variety, stimulation and attention while they are on duty and we make sure that they have some time off too to relax and re-charge…until their next mission!

If you can help to support a Superdog, please do so here.